Wedding Planning

Time Table for the Bride leading up to ‘The Special Day’

Six months before…
Book your Wedding Day Appointment.

Start looking at Bridal Styles available.
Ask your stylists advice on Tiaras, Veils & Headpieces that are available to suit your dress.

Three months before….
Book an Appointment for a consultation. Consultations are generally free of charge, however they may not be available on a busy Saturday. Choose a quiet day when your stylist has time to do a full consultation and analysis for you. Your stylist will then be able to give you a quotation on the full cost involved for your trial and more importantly the cost involved on the wedding day itself.

Decide on any change of colour or cut at this stage and make an appointment to have this done.

One month before…
If you have decided on a change of colour or style this is the time to have it done.

Now is also the time to have your hair trimmed to ensure that no unsightly split ends will be seen on the day.

It is also a good time to indulge in a ‘Salon Pamper Package’ , which involves a Head Massage and Deep Conditioning Hair & Scalp Treatment.

‘I think you deserve it You have done a lot of work in the last six months.’

Two weeks before…
Visit the salon for your ‘trial’ to ensure both you and your stylist are happy with your chosen style. Remember to take along any headpieces and/or veil which you will be wearing.

Trials always incur a charge and will vary according to the service provided, e.g. up style, blow-dry or set - all separate services with separate pricing structures. Check with your stylist so there is no misunderstanding.

The day before…
You may need to visit the salon on the day before to have your hair blow-dried to add extra body to your chosen style, this also ensures no delay on the morning of your wedding.

This is an additional service and will usually have a separate charge.

The Wedding Day….
On the morning of your wedding make sure you arrive on time. Your stylist has planned everything to suit you. Make sure you allow at least one and a half hours. Remember not to wear any clothes which will have to be taken off over your head.

Don’t forget your Tiara/Headpiece or Veil if you wish the stylist to put them in place for you.

Now it is time to relax, sip a glass of champagne and let us do the rest……